New plant plan

In order to meet the increasing order demands and bring better working environments to the staff, the company is planning to establish a new factory, which is expected to be implemented in 2025.

New product series plan

In order to provide customers with more products, the company is going to develop two series of products, measurement products and torque products, which are expected to go to market within two years.

New appearance plan

In order to offer the users better product experience, the company will launch new uniform style packaging and new appearance for the whole series of products, which is expected to be launched within a year.

New equipment plan

In order to improve the detail and quality of the products, the company plans to introduce hydraulic forging presses and automatic polishing machines, which are expected to be put into production within two years.

New trade fair plan

In order to have better communication with customers all over the world, the company plans to attend more national and regional trade fairs. The specific plans will be announced in the contact center at the end of each year.